This site is intended for members of Hamilton’s LGBTQ+ community, families and friends. It provides website links to most of the organizations included, accessed by clicking on the principal name of each. It has one focus on youth; another on material for parents (and parenting) and thus families and friends. Much of its content is the expected practical information, although it goes beyond convention by including information on Faith Support, items on Canadian and Ontario Law relevant to the community (under Resources), and a very modest section (also under Resources) devoted to Readings, some in the Hamilton Public Library, others farther afield. The last is intended as a guide but also intended to raise awareness, generally, that there is a vast literature on LGBTQ+ issues and a very long History of the community stretching back to the Ancient World.

Occasionally, there are boxed questions for users. Please respond, to help assessment of needs in the community.

Youth are invited to direct families to the sections on “Parents and Parenting” in the SUPPORT and READINGS categories on this site. Users are also invited to make corrections, suggest additions, or raise the issues of further needs, using Contact.

Visit our website invitation for more information on the motivation behind producing this website, and for information on how to gather resources for your own community.